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How to be Open Minded in a Relationship

One thing you hear constantly is “Just be open-minded”. While the advice can be applied to any area of life, it can sometimes come off as cliché and even annoying.

Of course, we are open-minded, we are yogis for goodness’ sake. We are open to a lot that many people aren’t open to. Many of us have tattoos and piercings, work in unconventional fields and go the extra mile to treat others with love and compassion.

How could anyone say that we are closed-minded?

Below are the ways closed-mindedness can sneak in and what you can do to keep it out:


A benefit that many get when single is the chance to do their own thing. You have a yoga schedule, medication routine, and days to go to the local farmer’s market. It can be challenging to adjust when a new relationship begins. It is easy to let things fall to the wayside because of all the excitement. But making the mistake of changing your schedule a lot to accommodate a new person in your life can cause a lot of problems for you down the road.

The right approach is balancing your own routine during the week. This will involve being flexible and open-minded. You may have to swap the yoga class on Wednesday evening for a yoga class Friday morning even if it is by a teacher who isn’t your favorite. You just have to see this as a chance to grow.

Old-Fashioned Dating Rules

There are a lot of people who follow old-fashioned dating conventions, but they can be ingrained in us to a point where it is even hard to recognize. It can be easy to get lost in technology and social media.

There are women who have complained about a guy expressing interest over text but not calling. When they met, there was chemistry between them but nothing proceeded after that. The only thing they did was text each other, and the woman has to respond when they got the text. Many women have always adhered to the old dating rule “wait for the man to call you”. You don’t have to walk the tightrope to make things to make it work, always be true to yourself. You should always be open-minded to your own instincts.

Bringing it to the Bedroom

The bedroom gives you the chance of practicing what you have been taught in class. It is known that good sex enhances relationships. It is important to be open-minded. Kin Anami, an author, writes in her articles about how the best sex comes in an open, non-judgmental way and accepting that everything is accepted.

Have you used a sex toy with your partner? If you haven’t, why not? There are a lot of ideas out there that will help you take your sex life to the next level. Social taboos and shame could be causing a lot of people not to experiment. Having a closed mind can get in the way of deep intimacy. You can be closer together by letting go and being open to new things.

There are some things you shouldn’t be open-minded about – whether that’s toys or shemale escorts. It is invaluable to know yourself and what you want. If you are animal-free and you are looking for a partner who is like you, don’t settle for anything less than that.

When your friends advise you to be open-minded, in most cases they want you to “lighten up” on your beliefs. This can sometimes feel like a turn-off and you feel like maybe there isn’t someone out there for you. Your friends mean well but are misinformed. You should try being open to what you want, believe that you deserve that then watch back and let the universe handle the rest.

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