Top 7 Technology Trends Reshaping the Fashion Industry

Technology and its evolution impact every existing industry, including fashion. While we can’t imagine the world without technology, the fashion we know today wouldn’t exist without it. But what are the actual impacts of technology on this creative field?

From designing all the way to production and delivery, digitalization has optimized the entire fashion process and created new and easier creation methods. What are some of the magnificent ways tech keeps reshaping the fashion industry?

1. Mobile commerce

Did you know that over 70% of the world’s population uses smartphones? This huge number opens up an abundance of opportunities for brands across the world to connect and expand their customer base. Due to that, mobile commerce has become increasingly popular in the world of fashion as well! How does e-commerce work?

Mobile commerce links products to their rightful owners and sources which helps customers navigate their shopping behavior in the right direction. With optimized apps and websites, m-commerce increases the personalized experience and offers smooth purchasing.

2. Internet of things

The least creative part of the fashion industry is usually the supply chain management. However, inventory management, delivery tracking, and shipping are crucial parts of the business for most fashion brands. Luckily, if we allowed technology to step in and as a result, we have the Internet of Things. What is that?

IoT is a tool that helps you keep track of your items, orders, and shipping in real-time. It collects data from the real world and analyzes it in the digital world allowing you insight into the current situation across your company.

3. Blockchain

For many retailers and fashion brands, losing customers can be dreadful. To prevent that from happening, being transparent in your business, even during supply chain management, is essential. This is when blockchain steps in. How does it work?

Blockchain is a technology that allows you to track payments, data, and other necessities in real-time. While it is mostly used for digital currencies, blockchain in the fashion industry can analyze purchase and ensure quality for you and your customers.

4. Virtual and augmented reality

For many decades it has been a dream to create a bridge between the digital and real world. Finally, with augmented and virtual reality, this dream has become reality! In the field of fashion and retail, VR and AR are being used to enhance the online shopping experience. What changes with the introduction of such technology?

These tools allow customers to virtually try on clothes, and accessories, and even experiment with different styles. While staying in the comfort of your home is certainly a perk, VR and AR also increase the personalization and interactivity of each shopping experience.

5. Co-creation tools

Technology is also reshaping the way brands communicate with their audience. While social media and similar are necessary, tools such as co-creation take it a bit further and encourage your customers to participate in the design process. How do these tools work and what are the benefits for the fashion industry?

Implementing co-creation tools to your website or an app allows you to develop your customers’ creativity and engage them in the design process. They will have a chance to design custom clothing that brings unique customer and user experience. On top of that, such creations help you understand your customers better and improve your relationship with trust and engagement.

6. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the world right now. While changing the everyday lives of many, it is also reshaping the way the fashion industry works. From interactive chatbots that serve as customer support all the way to predicting trends in the industry, artificial intelligence continues to make the fashion world more dynamic. How?

AI brought personalized recommendations for customers on your website. On top of that, AI collects data helping you learn more about customers and how your business is doing. Due to that AI can boost your business within days and help you overcome possible obstacles on the way.

7. 3D printing

We mustn’t neglect the innovative world of 3D printing. While this tool is not as new, its true potential is yet to be discovered. Lately, 3D printing is being used in the fashion field as well. No, this doesn’t mean that you will print clothes of plastic, even though this is an option for fashion shows and runways. How to use 3D printing in fashion?

More appropriate use of the 3D printer is combined with novelty fabrics. The 3D machine prints out a thread that forms your desired clothing item. Besides being completely new and trendy, this method is human error-free, which makes it cost-effective in business.

Final thoughts

These are only some of the ways fashion is impacted by technology. Without technology, the fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is today. Different tools, programs, and digitalization have made the design process easier and shopping more enjoyable for everyone. So, use the best of both worlds to create something unique and interesting!  

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